Cardio Can Improve Your Life

It’s no secret that cardio exercise is a key factor in any fitness routine. Not only can it lead to weight loss and heart health, but with a range of health benefits, it can also improve your quality of life overall. Defined as any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout the body, there are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping, and finding the ones that you love doing can ensure that your routine delivers the best results. Want to know more about the good vibes cardio carries?

It leads to a stronger heart.
Just like those bi’s, tri’s, quads, and abs – to name a few – your heart is a muscle too, and it needs to get worked out in order to get stronger. If not, it may start to weaken over time, which can cause a multitude of negative health conditions.

It increases your metabolism, which can help you maintain or lose weight.
Your metabolism is how fast your body breaks down what you put in it to create energy. The faster it works, the more quickly we can absorb nutrients. Cardio has a profound effect on our metabolism rate. In fact, the more intense the cardio session, the bigger increase you’ll see in your metabolic rate, and that means an easier way to maintain or lose weight.

It can help ease depression and fatigue.
Running, swimming, biking, and other cardio exercises also affect the hormonal profile in our bodies. That means, when we work out harder, our body releases “feel good” hormones called endorphins that can ease the symptoms of depression and fatigue as well as decrease our appetite. Bring on the happy diet!