October 9, 2017

You’ve heard of multivitamins – they are the pills (or chewables) that offer an array of essential vitamins and minerals that we don’t necessarily get enough of in our diet. Taking one on a regular basis can provide several health benefits, especially when you’re beginning a new workout routine where your body may require different, or increased nutrients.  Here are a few additional … » Learn More about Multivitamins

Cardio Can Improve Your Life

September 25, 2017

It’s no secret that cardio exercise is a key factor in any fitness routine. Not only can it lead to weight loss and heart health, but with a range of health benefits, it can also improve your quality of life overall. Defined as any movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation throughout the body, there are … » Learn More about Cardio Can Improve Your Life

Speed Up Recovery

September 4, 2017

Have you given yourself a pat on the back yet? Your fitness routine is looking good. But, your job doesn’t end once you clock out of a workout. In fact, what you do after a workout is almost as important as what you do during … and it’s imperative for getting you back in again tomorrow. Take a break | There is such a … » Learn More about Speed Up Recovery

Weight Training for Beginners

August 28, 2017

A major part of any fitness routine is weight training. Whether it is for strength, weight loss, toning muscle, or simply a better overall fitness level, knowing a few key things before you begin can help you get started efficiently and safely toward your health and fitness goals. Eat Enough | Eat a small, balanced meal, with equal portions of lean protein (chicken, turkey, lean beef, or fish) and complex carbohydrate about an hour before your workout, and again once you … » Learn More about Weight Training for Beginners

Whey the Benefits

August 7, 2017

Let’s talk about some of the aspects to your new fitness routine that may not be common knowledge. You’ve probably heard people talking about whey protein – they put it in their smoothies, it’s the main ingredient in most post-workout protein bars and it’s constantly being recommended by fitness professionals for a slew of good things. But, what exactly is it and … » Learn More about Whey the Benefits